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Portland International Airport

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Lisa Jacobs
2010. march 27.
Free wifi in the airport. Sweet!
Joel Burslem
2009. october 7.
PDX has two security gates. If it's busy at one, the other is usually dead. There's a connecting hallway around back so you can still get to your gate.
Team Coco
2011. november 11.
"Portland’s official nickname, as of 2003, is “The City of Roses” which is much better then their previous nickname “Thorny Bush Township”" - Conan O'Brien
Portland Timbers
2012. june 20.
Keep an eye out for the Alaska Airlines "Timbers Jet" here at PDX! Go Timbers!
WhyGo Portland
2010. september 5.
Unlike many airports, where store prices are doubled for the captive flying audience, there is a law that limits companies from charging more inside PDX than in their stores outside.
Kate Rhoades
2010. june 17.
Always go to the bathroom before you get onto a plane even when you think you don't have to.
Dan V
2010. may 25.
An airport so great they named a city after it
Stephen Hultquist
2010. february 5.
One of the smoothest-run airports I've travelled (80+ flights/year). Comfortable, even in the gate areas. Clean. Mostly nice staff, too!
Helaire Hamilton
2010. április 6.
PDX is such a great airport!
Rick Turoczy
2013. june 20.
Flying out of A, B, or C? Use the security checkpoint for D and E. it's almost always faster. Plus the Coffee People past security is usually fast and friendly too ;)
Victor Nguyen-Long
2014. january 4.
If you ever lose your car, hit the Info call box by the elevators. Parking security takes inventory of every car daily. Give them your plate number and they know exactly where you parked. Amazing.
2010. june 3.
Hard to find at end of hall BUT Max train to dmntpwn is awesome and easy. Do it!
2010. march 20.
TSA agents give high fives and kudos for being efficient. So take out ur laptop & put in it's own bin. Shoes & coat in one bin w/ plastic baggy of toiletries, jewelry etc. Carry-on also separate.
Dylan Boyd
2010. february 22.
Don't miss out on Laurelwood brewing. Last chance for good beer till you return next to Oregon.
Grant Kruger
2010. august 25.
Voted best airport in the US, more than once. Free wifi & some decent food options.
Jason Goldberg
2010. february 2.
If the ABC security gates are slow, head to the DE gates, you can take a moving walk way between the two sides. (or vis-versa)
2012. july 11.
Top Dining Options: Rogue Ales Public House, Concourse D; Laurelwood Public House, Concourses A/E; Flying Elephant's, behind Concourse Connector, pre-security.
Dene Grigar
2010. january 18.
The Powell's Bookstore at the Airport is very intimate and has a well-chosen inventory of books. Check it out!
Steve B
2011. september 22.
This is the best airport in the united states
Dale Chumbley
2011. august 23.
Make sure to hug and kiss the one you love...
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