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Chicago Theatre
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Chicago Theatre is a tourist attraction located in Chicago, Egyesült Államok

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Explore Chicago
Explore Chicago 2010. january 29.
In "The Dark Knight" (2008), Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and his girlfriend Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal) show up for a ballet performance in scenes shot in the Chicago Theatre.
Explore Chicago
Explore Chicago 2010. january 29.
In "Save the Last Dance" (2001), Sara (Julia Stiles) auditions for a spot in the ballet company of her dreams, in scenes shot in the Chicago Theatre.
Explore Chicago
Explore Chicago 2010. january 29.
The iconic "C-H-I-C-A-G-O" sign is nearly six stories high.
nope .
nope . 2011. october 26.
Do the tour!
The Chicago Theatre
The Chicago Theatre 2010. february 18.
Tour The Chicago Theatre. It will literally take your breath away. Tues, Thur, Sat @ 12noon. $12.
Filmsquare 2013. september 14.
The upper foyer of the Chicago Theatre can be seen in The Untouchables (1987) in an early scene as Al Capone receives his morning newspaper and the Bookkeeper checks the accounts.
Walgreens 2012. january 9.
Your chocolate malted milkshake is waiting at the Juice Bar... or maybe a made-to-order smoothie. Check out the all new Walgreens at State and Randolph!
Explore Chicago
Explore Chicago 2010. january 29.
The grand lobby of the Chicago Theatre is modeled after the Royal Chapel at Versailles, while the grand staircase is patterned after that of the Paris Opera House.
Explore Chicago
Explore Chicago 2010. january 29.
The Chicago Theatre offers a tour of the lobby, majestic auditorium, and backstage space (when available) several times a week. Click link at right for info.
Nepal House - Indian and Nepali Restaurant -Nepal House - Indian and Nepali Restaurant
Chicago curry House , a great place for dinners.
Earth Hour Illinois 2012
Earth Hour Illinois 2012 2011. march 26.
The Chicago Theatre is 1 of more than 200 buildings and landmarks, 20 downtown hotels and 12 museums and theaters turning out their exterior lights in support of Earth Hour on March 26, 2011.
Time Out Chicago
Time Out Chicago 2010. september 24.
Sufjan Stevens (October 15) last released a proper solo LP in 2005, but it was a concept album about Illinois, so the folk-pop darling will always draw big in Chicago.
Explore Chicago
Explore Chicago 2010. january 29.
The Chicago Theatre opened on October 26, 1921 as a movie palace.
Allison Kaminski
Allison Kaminski 2016. january 8.
Beautiful theatre!! Definitely go see a concert here. Not a bad seat in the house
Hải Vũ
Hải Vũ 2015. october 27.
top 10 stupid people
Mark Modricker
Mark Modricker 2015. április 20.
An amazing place to see a concert, I saw the National here last year, it ROCKED!
Harriet B
Harriet B 2014. september 11.
I love their tours
Chelsea Grint
Chelsea Grint 2013. április 20.
This is my favorite Chicago venue. Take the Mezzanine tour - it's incredible and fun!
The Atlantic Cities
The Atlantic Cities 2012. august 3.
Chicago Theater makes our list for most beautiful "marquees" in America -- well-deserved! (Slide 4 if you want to take a look).
Monique Colorada
Monique Colorada 2013. july 3.
Essa é uma das fotos clássicas de quem visita Chicago! <3
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